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Yajna is our Father and Gayatri is our Mother
About Mahamandaleshwar Bhagwandev Paramhans

Mahamandaleshwar Bhagwandev Paramhans- Popularly known as ‘Guruji’ among his disciples was born on 23 July 1932 at Kakdoli, a small village in Bhiwani District of Haryana (India). He received degree in M.A.L.L.B. and Prabhakar.  Before taking Sanyasa he has been an MLA from Haryana. 

He did penance for several years under the guidance of his Guruji HH Gurudev Yogiraj Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswatiji Maharaj who resided at Muni Ki Reti - Rishikesh in Yoga Niketan Ashram and attained Self Realization there. He is founder of ‘Akhil Bhartiya Dharam Sabha’ (ABDS) which works for the uplifting of whole of humanity and establishment of righteousness. He has devoted his life to the welfare of people, to the refinement of the moral, cultural environment and to spread message of Yoga in various parts of India as well as abroad.

He strongly believes that Yajna is Father and Gayatri is Mother of our culture. He believes that Yajna helps in eradicating pollution, cleans the environment, kills harmful germs and thus helps in eliminating diseases. Vibrations of Vedic Mantras in Yajna lead to development of personality, fulfillment of good wishes and establishment of Ram Rajya (Lord Ram’s Rule).He has conducted many Ashwamegha Yajnas which include 1305 Kundi Yajna in Bhivani (Haryana), 1008 Kundi Yajna in Gurgaon  (Haryana), 501 Kundi Yajna in Small Khan Mandi  (Haryana), and in Rajasthan also. Apart from that many 108 Kundi Yajnas has been conducted by him at numerous places in India like Kolkatta, Mumbai, Siliguri, Hyderabad, and Guwahati.

He has done more than 650 Bhagwat Discourses till now. After meeting him thousands of people have quit tobacco, smoking and drinking and are leading a spiritual life. He has been to jail many times to protest against cow slaughtering. He believes that knowledge should not be sold but should be dedicated to Lord. Thus he has conducted numerous free Yoga Camps through out India and in foreign countries viz Holland, Kahira, U.S.A., Belgium, Poland, Luxemberg, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Swiden, England, Italy, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Tehran, Afganistan, Pakistan, Greece, Nepal, North America and South America. He strongly opines that Yoga could bring spiritual and ideological revolution and it could make life heaven on earth. His writing, churned out from the depth of deep meditation is lasting and effective and has brought a revolutionary change among people. Some of his books are used for research purposes in various Universities.

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